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Each course includes real-life scenarios, printable infographics & reflective practice workbooks.

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Administration of Medication for Looked After Children – Foundation Level

This course covers the appropriate procedure for administering and handling medications, different types of medicines, who can administer medications, side effects, reactions and the rights of those receiving medication.

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COSHH - Foundation Level

The course provides information on the types of substances the learner may encounter, how to identify them and any effects that may occur from their misuse. It covers situations the learner may have to deal with in the home and how to avoid them.

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Equality & Diversity - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness of discrimination in and out of the workplace. The learner will be supported to understand forms of discrimination and how to respond to different types of discrimination.

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Fire Safety Awareness - Children's Care - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness around the causes of fire, the dangers associated and how to prevent fires. Evacuation procedure, the use of safety equipment and policy are also covered.

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Food Safety Awareness - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness of the dangers of food poisoning, storing and preparing food correctly and preventing contamination.

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GDPR - Foundation Level

This course defines what GDPR is, who it effects and how it affects those who work in the care sector. It explains how to meet GDPR requirements and the rights of an individual over their data.

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Health & Safety - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness of health and safety in the workplace relative to the care home setting. It covers the legislation in place, hazard awareness and risk assessment and prevention of harm.

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Introduction to Infection Control - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness of the Infection Control and provides awareness of types of infection, routes of transmission and measures to limit the spread of infection.

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Recording and Reporting - Foundation Level

This course raises awareness of the practitioners duty of care to keep daily records, what makes a good report, GDPR and policies and procedures.

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Safeguarding Children - Foundation Level

This course will define what safeguarding is and it’s principles, help you to recognise situations where children may be at risk of harm, identify signs of abuse and cover procedure to follow.

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First Aid Awareness - Foundation Level

This course introduces basic first aid principles, what to do in a variety of emergency situations, how to treat different injuries and where to get help.

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Professional Boundaries - Foundation Level

This course defines professional boundaries and how they apply to the care sector, discusses different scenarios staff may come across, explains what happens when boundaries are broken and how to identify broken boundaries with others.


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